I Hope Everything Matters When It Comes To The End, Because If It Doesn't What's The Point Of Anything? What's The Point Of Writing Songs, And Wishing, And Thinking, And Breathing, And Blinking, Or Even Just Speaking? You See There's A Reason For You Being Here. In No Way Is It Random, Your Perfection Makes It Clear And Everyone Around You Would Just Die To Have You Near. So Remember That When You're Falling There's Always Someone To Catch You, As Long As Your Heart Is Open And You Let People Love You. I Mean Shit, If You Weren't Here What The Hell Would I Do...?

£ø√∑ ϧ ∞

I think this is what love is, if I'm wrong I could never ask for more because this feeling that's pouring through me I entirely adore, I'd fight, I'd die, I'd stand for and that's something I can't ignore. So here you go you beautiful world, I'm giving you my soul, my heart is yours to hold. Crush it or turn it into gold, either way I'm going light this world on fire, with passion, love, desire. ♥ Sincerely, Rio Myers.


These sleepless nights, have brought so much more meaning to the world and the perception of reality. If our past is nothing but memories documenting a single source then anyone can be born again. The trees at night reflect the stars. Music, temperature, lights, and colours have a definite feeling that radiates towards its surroundings.

Your blue eyes are the colour of the ocean below a setting sun upon the water at night. Just like you dance to feel weightless, free and hateless, you move like the ocean's tide but you're confused and lost inside and smile to hide the sadness in your eyes, but one day your heart will collide with time and you'll have to say what's on your mind, you'll have to say what's on your mind, but until that day live life, love life, find love, your beautiful just like a dove sent down from God and the heavens above, stay sweet, stay pure, stay alive, keep dancing, don't ever get bored, your perfect, that's for sure. Nature, if there ever were a more beautiful thing don't hesitate to let me know. Sometimes I'll sit outside and just let the world go, watch the skies and it's paintings grow, let my imagination run wild and my heart go, It makes me feel like a child and lets my spirit flow. At night, if you look closely you can see the trees glow, they reflect the stars and let me know, that I'm alive, and I thrive for this, I'd die for this! But I'd rather fight for this. The beauty around is so remorse because the world hasn't opened its eyes in a while, hasn't realized the beauty of the sky in a while, the beauty of the trees in a while, or even a simple smile, or even a child brought into the world for the first time, now that's beauty… for a child to see the sky for the first time or to see the ocean for the first time, when it opens it's eyes for the first time, natures light fills it with a beauty that will always be inside, never die, nature's beauty will never die, if the world just helps to keep it alive. Nature's beauty will never die.

The wind blows gently through the trees, watching the leaves fall makes my heart quiver, the temperature out here tonight is cold enough to make the sun shiver, I sit and watch, fall back on the grass staring upward at the clouds that pass, wind, if I had one chance to dance in the wind I'd soar forever, over the trees, with the birds, over the hills, feel no hurt, need no thrills, up here I'm free, up here I believe, I'm filled with oxygen it's what I need, my words are love it's what I breathe.

Does anybody know what we are living for? I'm not sure I'm cut out to do this anymore. I've been searching for so long. Will someone prove me wrong or will the question just go on being ignored? I walk these crowded streets everything seems so incomplete and I can't seem to find the missing piece to make it whole. It seems the world has lost its soul. We have no heroes, no peace only war, no great depression, no greatness to call our own but the things we own, which will eventually begin to own us, it seems the human race is at a loss of trust; lying, cheating, and divorces are more common than true love, and when we search for love, we are welcomed with hate and war, it's sad to see how more and more we're losing what we've never had before, but I believe we'll break through, I believe in light, in life, and I believe in love, and I'll be the light, I'll be the sight the world needs if need be, but for now I'm just concerned writing simple poetry, I believe in you, believe in me, believe in love, and believe in peace.

October 30th, 2007

I think I've been dreaming for far too long now, it seems I've lost sight of reality, but then again who's to say each person's reality can't be their own. I used to look at love as a lost cause but I'm beginning to realize the human soul is lost without it. I used to hate love but it was out of jealousy and envy. I watch relationships last through the hardest of times and still those two hearts don't show a single sign of tearing away from each other, and I see these people in love and wonder why I, a person so full of inspiration and a person that finds beauty in everything can't find someone to love me with even half the heart I show every person that truly knows me. It makes me angry but even more so it makes me sad on the verge of desperation to the point that I fall in love with any beautiful soul that shows me the slightest bit of attention, and then I wonder if that's my flaw, I show too much love, too much care, and it scares whomever the one receiving it may be.

I remember one particular instance of feeling the "love at first sight" feeling that is so widely dreamt about and is also the basis of many books, movies, and songs, I was standing on Congress bridge in Downtown Austin staring down at the water and all of the canoes that passed by, I began walking towards the city when I noticed this beautiful Dark haired green eyed girl wearing a red and white polka dotted dress walking in my direction I froze trying to think of any excuse I could make to just hear her voice, but nothing, I froze. I couldn't stop thinking about her, I didn't understand why but it felt like I had known her forever and I was in love, as ridiculous as that may seem, I still am. I still daze off from time to time just thinking about her and wondering if it would have made any difference if I had spoken to her. I hate myself for it, for not talking, but I didn't know what to say. I don't know if I'll ever see her again or why I've never been able to get her off my mind, but the love I felt that day is the greatest feeling I have ever known. A rainbow road will lead you home, whenever your lost, wherever you go, a rainbow road will lead you home.

The thing I want most in the world is Freedom. Freedom to love, to live, to be me, with no judgment. The free will God has given us is the greatest gift the world has and ever will know. I don't understand how the world today has gotten itself so lost. We don't know what we want anymore, which means we don't know who we are anymore. We're bound by all these rules and the way society believes we should be and it's crushing our souls, our imaginations, and above all our dreams.

The world is lost and I feel that somehow it is my duty to help it find its way, maybe through this simple poetry I write, maybe through another way, some much greater form in my future, somehow I need to give people like me, people that fight and strive for Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love, as cliche as that may be and find and create it in everything they do, hope. Hope is lost? I've heard this so many times. Bullshit! Hope is never lost; if hope is lost our souls are dead. Open your eyes, hope is everywhere, in everything, the difference between me and you is that I look at things and see what they can be, not what they are. I do not consider myself special, no, just more free than the average person call it rebellion, stupidity, lack of judgment, or disrespect towards authority, call it what you want, but I am free.

November 2nd, 2007

It's rather remarkable how the world is sitting on my shoulders love is my wings and happiness my path, the law of attraction is the key to the universe and perspective its door, I walk through the windows of memory, stepping on the grassy floor, night is day's light to awaken the shore, Sunrise, Sunset, I'll never forget love is a rhyme forgetting time, live outside the box, step through the best talk and walk, walk, walk, never stop, never stop, don't ever forget what your living for, life is a storybook with endless words, people are places you've never been before, faces are reflections of perfection stretching through the sky , to the stars, back down to the earth, never understanding what they're worth is like falling through walls, walls are a canvas for art to take form, water a reflection of colours and light, night is a runway for imagination to take flight, imagination is the center of the universe, words are its pathway and love is its birth, Reality is a lock the key is your heart, mind, body, and soul, the ocean is the world's greatest pool, nature the definition of never ending arts truest form, Beauty is illumination of the soul on your skin, Love is the key and words never end, it's rather remarkable how the world is sitting on my shoulders and love is the key and words never end…

Freedom is future, future is light, I feel so alive I want you tonight; your love is a string that wraps around my heart, but not in a chokehold, not too tight, just right. I've never been so high before nor more alive now that's for sure, and as I fall through the ocean I realize what our eyes are for. Like I've never felt the sky before, I want to live in you forever across this day dream's starry shore. Your eyes are the reflection of the world's beauty; I could never understand your too fucking pretty. In your arms I find God's soul, let's make a world where our love could grow, Sadness is lost in your face, someone as beautiful as you could never be down, a mother with a dying child couldn't even look at you and frown, I stare out the window and watch the sunset, come down, I'll write these worlds in the sky, the ocean, the stars, the ground, I'll love you forever, don't ever look down, I'll love you forever, even after existence and the universe falls down.

November 5th, 2007

There are no stars tonight, there's no light outside, giving broken people the chance to go out and still hide. I can't help this feeling inside, I need you beside me so I can feel alive, when your gone it's sad, but my imagination dies, my heart cries, and my soul's wings are tied up so I can't fly. This is how much I love you, I'd tear down the Sun and the Moon for you if I could, and all I need in return is your face in front of mine. I asked God to give me a sign, next thing I know, the world untangles, unwinds and your all wrapped up intertwined. Like a first Christmas I unwrapped your eyes, kissed your lips for the very first time and fell in love with God's gift. I pulled you close to me, your hips against mine making love for the first and last time, and that's the last time I saw you. You went away to a better place that night, I still remember your taste and the way you kissed my face, I miss you more than anything but I know you're in the stars, just like you're in these words, in my memories, and in my heart.

November 6th 2007

The world's so full of colour today. Your smile towards me this morning lifted my love and blew it away. You're beautiful in so many different ways; I can't even begin to explain. I love your name, your beautiful name. It explains your beauty in a simplistic way. I wish I could be with you each second of every day, I want to drive you insane like you do me every day, Beautiful Butterfly spread your wings and fly away. Stay with me forever, I promise you my love will never die, your love I will treasure 'till the end of time, I promise you will never cry. I'll show you a life you've never imagined, with us inside, something you've never seen before. I'll take you dancing across the ocean, up to the sky; we'll fly through the stars and make love on the ocean's shore. These words aren't nearly enough to show you how I feel. I want to hold you and kiss you, take the pain from your eyes. I live for you, I'd die for you, I breathe, I need you, I love you, and I want you so bad. So, please let me love you, hold you, show you, the world I'll create, the pain I'll take. I'll love you forever, my love is so true, I met you, I get you, I feel you, so take my hand give me a chance, to take you up high and show you this beautiful world with you & me inside, I love you Butterfly.

November 7th 2007

Paintings are words drawn into colour; poems are words we write to each other, lovers are people who'd die just for that extra second with one another, love is my sister, and art is my brother. Stories of love wait to be told, lovers start young, live long, and die old. The pages of my story are about to unfold, I'll write you a script that will carry your soul. I'll take you on a trip to imagination world, where your eyes are the canvas, your brain is the paint, and the world is waiting for what you'll create. Imagination is everything, look around and you'll see, every love story and everything we believe, is painted around, put there to guide us, all it takes is trust, imagination, and a little bit of love. My words aren't my own, they come from the stars, or maybe somewhere else, all I know is it's far or maybe it's closer, maybe it' s my heart, but one thing I do know for sure, is this story is about to start. Close your eyes and imagine a world that's free, nothing around you, nothing but you and me. Listen to my voice, my words, and my love, the world is a choice, do what you want. You're in the center of the universe now, you hold the world in your hands; you have so many ideas, so many plans. You hear a voice call from above; it scares you at first, until you realize its love. So now love is with you, what will you do, no one is here but me, love, and you. I take your hand we begin to dance, close your eyes, don't let go as if it's your last chance. Look down now we're flying, we have the world to ourselves, no one is dying, there's no such thing as hell. Only heaven above and it's so full of love, no I words I could write, or paintings I could paint, could describe what I see in this world with no hate. Only love, only love. The voice again calling from stars above asking you questions but it's speaking too fast to catch on. You're not worried though, no, because you've let go. Let go of your heart, imagination and your soul. You're somewhere else now, somewhere made just for you, where everything is beautiful and dreams do come true I'll be your guide, if you'll be my bride, I'll introduce you to love, to God, and never-ending time. On with the story, my imagination's running away, I catch up to her easily and begin to say, where are you going? She laughs, grabs my hands, and carries me away, I look down at the ground, the sky's upside down, love flavored strawberries are dancing around. At the top of the mountain, there's a marching band making the most beautiful sound but there are no people, just instruments, playing tunes that make the stars fall down. Words begin to form in the clouds; I read them out loud, "Love is inside you, look around, look around, Love is the reason the world goes 'round." I take in these words but before I have the chance we're whisked away again and now we're heading towards the Fields of Romance. As we arrive the thorns in the rose fields begin to subside, the petals form a bed and we sleep in the sky. Our dreams are of colour, music, and love. The sun comes over the clouds and brings us light from above. Singing, "So Full of Love, So Full of Love.."

November 9th 2007

She sits still in the center of the room, voices are spinning in and out of her head, she's so confused, "Am I imagining this or could I really be dead?" she stands up and walks to the door, looks behind her there's blood on the floor, looks at her hands, drops to her knees, tries not to think, can't stop crying, it's so hard to breathe, steps through the door onto the path covered in leaves, the one by the trees that never get what they need, the streets are all empty, confused and refused, to be so damn tempting, so hurt and so used, a man at the corner in black scares her so bad, almost to a heart attack, he opens his mouth and lets out a sound so terrible it shakes the ground, he asks her why she's out in the dark, she simply responds, "Walking with a broken heart." I have what you need, says the man in the street and hands her a bright green crab apple seed. "Eat this, you won't miss, whoever's causing this pain." She takes his advice poison enters her bloodstream which leads to her brain, makes her see things considered by most to be insane, she's at a loss for words, she feels love again, thought this man would kill her, but he really saved her life, she's not sure what he gave her but she thinks she enjoys it, she's feeling so happy, so full of joy, the colours returning to the world and saving her soul, this feeling's rewarding, she's not being controlled, imagination fills her world and music pours into her soul, she started out lost, like me, but she knows who she is now, and there's not a single doubt, she finally understands what the worlds about, not hate, blood, and war, but freedom, love, and beauty and it means so much more, I love the world, I love the soul. I love revolution, I hate control, I define evolution, I have different eyes that brighten the world and understand the sky.

November 10th 2007

Car crash… free will is a funny thing, your never really sure what it could bring, my emotions are a bit wreaked, my thoughts confused, I'm not sure what to do, but coming so close to death today afterwards felt as if I had taken my first breath, it's hard to write tonight, I'm just wondering why I'm still alive and didn't die, maybe life is a storybook full of characters and fairytales, but death does not belong in this world, why does everything eventually end? It's just not right for people to die, thinking about this almost makes me want to cry, which if you know me is quite a surprise, Birth, a beginning to an end, death, just a word, but more powerful than the rest, I'm exhausted and I've never felt this fear before, it's beginning to make me wonder and it makes me unsure, I've realized how easy it is to die, straight to the ending in the blink of an eye, but maybe now I will be more careful, but I doubt that, it's just the way I am, always bending the laws of the heart as far as I can, so far, so close, so lost, but I still bring a toast to life, "You're a wondrous thing, confusing at times, every once in a while make sense, but you are far more amazing than anything else, Life can't really be defined because your life like everyone else's is different from mine." No matter what you do, you'll never find love, it will only find you, but it's hard to wait when it's all that you know, all that you want, and the basis of your soul, I made a bad choice today that almost led me to death but for some reason God is still saving my last breath, I'm thankful but also confused, I'm not sure why but somehow I knew that what I would do, wouldn't be the last, which is why I kept pushing through, it's not the things we do that make us who we are but the way we do them, I'm glad this wasn't the end, because there are so many things I've yet to begin, family is the most important thing in the world, they'll always stand by you, through sickness and health, even heaven and hell, contradicting statements from my vivid imaginations are caused by wrongs I've done and the ways I have changed them, I've been wanting to stop writing, my fingers are cramping, but being so close to death, got my imagination going, Never knowing, Never knowing, Where life is going, Is like reading a story, That never gets boring.

November 12th 2007

Sit back, relax, let me give you the facts, your moving too fast and your life is going to crash, don't worry about the past, it is done, it is gone, look towards the future, throw your troubles in the sun, Live for today in case tomorrow never comes, ignore your fears, love life and have fun, don't ever let someone tell you you're wrong, you are who you are because of the world you come from, So wear your past like a glove and don't forget to love.

January, 2007

A strategic attack for the unwilling taste of fear could bring us all down, but since most know nothing of this they don't care, fear in its own sense is a poison, quick and remotely painless, it enters your blood stream, flows through the capillaries into your heart and stop. Your lungs are screaming for oxygen but the beating of your heart is to slow to initiate response, is this really happening? That's all your brain can process at the moment from the lack of oxygen due to the poison, what is this poison? A fear of a particular subject or a fear of being afraid, an oxymoron, it takes control of your physique causing involuntary spasms and tremors then your heart begins racing trying to beat the poison out, you gag, breath, 1.2.3… Puke. Darkness, light and your breathing again, blood dark red on the pavement, more than just a puddle, a freedom from the chemical of fear, it's gone now, you'll be okay, it' gone for now… you'll be okay.

February, 2007

I lay here under this cold dark moon almost in a state of transparency to the world, I can't tell you how long this is going to last but it's certainly not going anywhere fast and I can't stop thinking of her, every thought that goes through my mind is about that sweet angel voice of hers, I'm reluctant on not giving up, giving in, I need her, I'll get her, I'm hers forever, the sunlight crashes down on my eyes and now I realize what I've done, we draw our past out on this paper and plan out the future of you and me.

November 15th, 2007

I The headlights dimmed down as your approaching the curve, the car spins around and you can't stop the swerve, you fly out of the car hit your head on the curb, love's not a feeling, love is a verb. Hospitals and radios, plane crashes, stereos, painful memories of your last days on Earth. I've exhausted and murdered everything I'm worth. I love you to death and this will only get worse. I'm just thinking about that time again, when we stayed up all night just talking about everything that came through our minds. Maybe we could pretend that this world never ends but then again what's the point when we're both in love with our friends. Some nights I can't sleep, so I just stay up and think, I can't see, I can't breathe, I love every shape you make, always beautiful never fake. I want your body up against mine, just you & I let's forget time. Swallow our hearts, give into this rhyme, I miss your lips and your beautiful eyes.

November 18th, 2007

Sounds exhale from every corner of this lonely room, singing sad songs about the taste of perfume. Fires are burning all around the walls, consuming memories that are hung to observe; for people afraid of forgetting who they are or were. These words of mine at this point in time, have no worth, but maybe someday they might, 'till then I think I'll just continue to write. When the moment comes that day turns into night, I'll give what I have, including my life. I love this world, I don't want to die but if I really have to, I'll live the best way or try. Good Morning Sunshine, you brighten my eyes, bring out the colours in the sky, then die and become night. I want to be with you but I don't know who you are. I still haven't met you; and I'm not sure how far you are. Love me and I'll show you the stars, jump start my heart because it's falling apart. I'll take you through a story that's never been told, write you a book that will never close, open your mind and brighten your soul, my love, you will hold 'til the world unfolds.

November 27th, 2007

I haven't written in a while. I've been through so much the past few days so I'm not sure where to begin. A recollection of the memories I've added to my life would have to be simply described as visual, emotional, mental, and musical exploration. Imagination Nation that's what I've decided to call this world. There are so many opportunities for greatness that lie in the next years ahead and I can't wait for what I'm going to experience.

Breathing walls, falling trees, exploding stars, and all of these are spinning around me as I make my way to the top of the world. Kaleidoscopes creating colours and sounds all around starting in the sky and making their way towards the ground. I'm staring through the window pane at all these lights dancing through my brain. Images of skyscrapers, televisions, and random things floating on and off falling with the rain are recreating history but giving everyone new names. Listen to the beauty that bounces of these naked streets repeating sounds making beats that I should be writing songs about, but instead I'm writing this backwards poetry. Walking downwards through stairways and outwards through pathways leading to new discoveries and explanations for questions that are yet to be asked. Answers to pieces of puzzles that have never been completed, you can try to erase me, but I'm written in ink that never fades. Too many people live their lives in a daze never trying to find new ways to live each and every day. I've never lived a day the same dejavu I've never lived a day the same way. Life is a journey, a story, a painting; a song… life is everything and everyone. Time is an illusion based on control; control destroys your imagination, which destroys the world. It's interesting to imagine, it's interesting to dream, life never stops going, and I wish you loved me. My words are dripping down your walls as you read them your stomach starts to crawl; the words make you sick, the ice is too thick to swim, the world reacts to a chemical called love. I don't care about the future, I am here, I am now, if you need help finding love, I'll show you how. I can't seem to find the right girl, the right star, to brighten my world. Love is all around, in everything, in everyone, except for me. I'd explain the way I think but I haven't even figured it out myself. I hope someday this book finds itself upon your shelf. Read these words when you need help, when you are lost, I'll help you find inspiration, I'll help you create new creations, and most of all I'll brighten your imagination. I'll help you in life, just give me a chance, I'm only seventeen but I fully understand, what it takes to be a man. I'm an observer; first, second, and third person point of view with better eyes the world can see through. Your eyes are green, mine are blue, mix us together and we'll create something new. I love this world, I love this girl… I love this world, I really do.

November 30th, 2007

As I walk down these streets, oh these crowded streets. All these cars, they're making beats and the sounds repeat, oh the sounds repeat. They stop for a second to await the applause, and then continue for a while until the next pause. As I turn through the alleys and the city sleeps, the cars are quiet but the sound repeats. It goes on and on and on and on, it goes on and on and upside down, it goes on and on and on and on, it goes on and on and turns around. The lights in the city pour down the glass. When it rains all the water feeds the grass which brings out the colour for the boys and girls, which brings out the colour in this beautiful world. Night turns to day and the darkness fades. The birds sing away creating new sound waves. I hope this isn't my last day in the world, I hope I can still meet a beautiful girl. But either way, I'll try to stay because I have so much left to say. I'll show you the way to breathe music and words that'll help turn the world. The lamps shades are hanging by the wall whispering sounds that make your stomach crawl. The paintings cling on to the wall for dear life like a small ant walking on the string of a kite. I'll play you songs; I'll write you words, I'll show you things you've never heard.

December 2nd, 2007

"This doesn't really belong in this book, but neither do the people it's about..."

All alone, we are living in this empty world, we making sounds you've never heard, we every lie and every word that has made you cry and lost your worth, we will make you die and it will hurt. Almost Home, we are the ones that make you wreck your car, we are that ones that made you fall too far, we're the ones that killed your shining star, we don't care it is just who we are, no one loved us, so why should we have hearts? Getting close, we are dying but before we go, we will make sure we destroy the world, kill all the little boys and little girls that have brought joy to this solemn world, grab all the colour and take away its soul, we will make sure that you lose control. Before we go, we have to say your smiles will fade, along with day, light our pathways, so we can disappear until next year, you will always have to live in fear. Before we go, we will do our best to destroy the world, we have no hearts, we have no souls, and before we go we'll lose control.

December 4th, 2007

She has eyes that would light the sky in the darkest of nights. She's never sad, she never cries, but one glance at her and you will die. She's too beautiful for this world, her skin is pure, and she has a voice like nothing you've ever heard. Her name is Love, she lives in buildings, she lives in trees, she lives in you, and she lives in me.

December 10th, 2007

Love came in the form of a girl tonight. It hit me so quick and made my feet so damn light. I've been waiting for a while; I'm hoping this is the right one, not just fun, but someone I can trust and someone to love. I love her eyes, she makes me smile, and holding her tonight feels more perfect than just right. She's one hell of a sight; she's cute and has long hair that reflects the most beautiful of light. She stayed the night, waking up together felt not a bit wrong, but perfectly right. She has a beautiful name, a beautiful face, when I kiss her it feels like the stars get rearranged. She's perfect in damn near every way. I really do care for her and I hope she stays. I wouldn't mind being with her each and every day because her smile lights up my world in the most beautiful way.

March 8th, 2010

It's been a long time since I've looked at these rhymes, and it seems like each time all it does is remind me of those days when I had your hand in mine. It's kind of nice to be alone now; I don't feel like such a clone now. But to be honest some days I miss the ways you use to kiss me in the morning when we woke up. (even though we both hated morning breath) And even though we quit, I have to admit we had something else but we lost it, we killed it, we completely forgot it. The best part is yet to come and our lives have just begun. I don't regret a day that I spent with you and I still get a smirk on my face when I think of who we were back then.

So young, so dumb, but so in love, but it wasn't right, we had way too many fights, and this is so much better because I love my life. And this is just to say I still have memories of us every other day and I hope you're as happy as I am, truly I do. Because you taught me so much and I'd be lost without you. And I hope you can admit that I helped you too, you're so much damn stronger it's so much better for you. Live life to the fullest and don't ever forget Life Is a Gift and the world never ends. I wish you the best and I hope your life's full of incredible memories you can carry with you.

And Then I Lost Track Of Time…

Thing's Change

Welcome To The Future, Don't Be Afraid. Even Though Everything Is Changing, Your Memories Remain. So Just Go With The Flow And Let The Bad Thoughts Go. Because Life Is Pretty Boring When You Hold All Of Your Pain Close. It's Easier Said Than Done, But So Is Everything Else. Here's A Thought.. "Why Buy A Book To Just Put It On Your Shelf" If You Don't Understand, I'll Make It Simple And Clear. Everything Matters, That's Precisely Why You're here, Enjoy the Good Times, Let Go of the Bad, Because in the End the Memories Are All That You Have. Smile :) You're Perfect.

Maybe One Day I'll Get an Answer

It Confuses Me That What Amuses Me Is The Lack Of Stability Inside My Own Thoughts. It's Kind Of Like a Light Switch, There's Only Two Options. Alive Or Not. Sometimes I'm Vivid, Outgoing, And Gifted. Other times, I'm Hidden, Quiet, And Timid. There's No In Between And That's Always Been Me, The Trouble Is Finding Things I'm Always Able To See. Because Sometimes It's Bright And Everything Is Connected And Other Times It's Dark And I Can't See My Own Reflection. So The Question I Have For You Sincerely, If Everything Begins And Ends, God.. Please? Where's My In Between?

Ups, Downs & Everything In Between

Life Sure Isn't Perfect But It's Definitely Worth It And Usually Bad Things Happen When You Least Deserve It. While Your Digesting The Last Of The Words That Were Spoken Remember To Let Go Of Everything Broken Otherwise You Get Filled Up With Shards Of Glass And Eventually Your Bleeding So Bad There's No Turning Back. So Think About That, When You Start To Get Mad, Is It Worth It? Should I Hurt It? Destroy It? Reject It? No, None Of The Above, Just Show Nothing But Love And Eventually You Will See God's Smile Break Through That Haze That Seems To Keep You In The Daze You've Been Spinning Around In Lately. I Wish I Could Do Things Greatly But I'm The Way Life Has Made Me And That Doesn't Phase Me Or Drive Me Insanely. Don't Try To Tame Me, I'm Wild And Crazy And I'll Be Flying High And Smiling 'Till The Day That I'm Die-aling. Wow, Look At That It's The World's Smallest Violin. And I Thought I Knew You, You Were My Oxygen. But Now I'm Done Breathing, I've Had Enough Of This. Let's Just Hope I Can Hold My Breath For A While..

This Is Heaven and I Miss You

I'm Pretty Sure That This Is Heaven, The Clocks All Read 11:11 And Everything Travels In Groups Of Sevens, It's So Beautiful Here, It's Everything You Said It'd Be, But One Thing's Wrong, One Thing Is Missing, I Always Thought When I Got Here I'd See You Again Vividly, But You're Not Here And That's Completely Clear To Me. So What Did You Do That Made You Disappear From Me? Wish I Could Ask But Obviously I Can't Just Like Alice Couldn't With That Rabbit In Her Hand And This Place Is Like A Wonderland Far Too Beautiful To Stand, But I Still Stand Here Lovingly With The World In My Hands, I Wish That When I Had The Chance I Could Have Helped You Understand..

To Every Girl In The World

Okay, I Must Say I Love You, Seriously I Mean What Else Do You Expect Me To Do.. With Eyes Like Yours Not Even God Couldn't Fall In Love With You, But In Reality Your Perfect And Every Single Compliment You've Ever Received, You Completely Deserved It, If Someone Lost Meaning In Life, A Glimpse Of You, And Everything's Worth It, And I Don't Deserve It.. And That's The Best Part, Because I Love It, I Adore It. You Helped Me Observe It, And Thank You, You're Perfect. But Seriously, Why Me? I'm Not Worth It.. J/K I Definitely Am And You Know it. You Know It.., And Seriously Your Perfect There's No One Besides You That's Ever Deserved This, So Make Your Wishes, You Do, You Know They'll Come True, P.S. I Love You, But Seriously I Do. And I Hope All Your Dreams Come True. :)

For You, You, and You, P.S. I Didn't Forget You..

Snippets Of Horrid Memories Run Through My Mind, Scream Them Away, It's Nothing, I'm Fine, I'd Rather Stay Blind.. At Least That Way I Can Sort Of Still See The Sunshine, But Only Sometimes. Star Light, Star Bright, Just Leave Me Alone Tonight, I'm Serious! I Can't Sleep With You Standing In My Eyes. So My Beautiful Ghost And Long Lost Paramour, I Bid You Adieu, Sweet Dreams, And Goodnight. Sorry I Don't Love You. On Your Way Out, Please Turn Off The Fucking Light. Thanks.

Laughter, Kisses, Blushing, & Wishes

A Toast Tonight To You, My Light, My Love, My Life. Here's To Another Eternity Of Dreams Where You Fall In Love With Me. Exhaustively Deploring Something That Was Never Boring And Constantly Ignoring The Words That Were Far Too Tired To Complete The Task Of Forming Complete Sentences. So I Come To You In Fragments. Just Pieces Of Ashes, Slightly Stupid, Slightly Abandoned. That Once Had My Blue Eyes And Long Long Eyelashes Attached To Some Piece Of The Rest Of This Classic Artistic Fatal Attraction, That's Become Me. There's No Time For Interaction Just "Eye Fucks" Here And There. Filled Of Glances Cast So Perfectly From My Eyes To Your Stare. Ha.. You Think I Didn't Notice You Watching Me Slightly Hiding Behind Your Hair. It's Kind Of Impossible With That Sexy Face Of Yours And All That Messy Cute Hair. So We Stare, We Stare, And We Leave It There. I Don't Have The Time Right Now To Care And Neither Does She. But It's Nice To Think About, How Fun Things Could Be. If You Weren't You And I Wasn't Me. But That's Not The Case. Damnit, You Distracted Me.. I Lost My Place. Oh Well Before I Forget, There's No Way I Could Let, Her Walk Out The Door, Without A "Hey, I Think Your Cute." "Really, I Think So Too. Ha Came Out Wrong, But I Really Mean That About You."

"Well How About We Stop Staring And Go For A Stroll And Chat" "Well Now That Your Already Talking It's Kind Of A Little Late For That, Hahaha *Blush*" "Cute, Soo...What Do You Say?" "Yeah.. I'd Love That, By The Way, The Name's Kitty Cat." What? What the fuck was that?

My Little Message To The World

Although I Miss The Way You Kiss, The Way You Taste, Your Lovely Face, Spinning Second After Second Just To See If The Blurring Motion Will Erase The Memories That Flood My Brain. Well It Doesn't. I'm Just Going Insane & I Love Every Minute Of It, This Beautiful Life.. I've Felt Your Whips.. I've Felt Your Love.. I've Done Some Things Most Only Dream Of.. The Ups & Downs.. The Smiles & Frowns.. With That Being Said, I Will Set An Example For Every One Of You. Life IS What You Make It, When It Puts You Down Don't Fucking Take It, When You Want To Cry Just Flood Those Eyes, Don't Fucking Fake It. This Life Is Taken For Granted On A Daily Basis. Wake Up!!!! & Realize That We Are All Famous. I Will Keep My Head High, I Will Smile & Cry, I Will Be Human, I'll Tell Truths and I'll Lie. The One Thing I Won't Do Is Waste This Life, Not For a Minute or Split Second Of Time. Thank You For These Beautiful Eyes, That Have Let Me See Things In Their Fullest Light. I'll Make You Smile, 'Till The Day That I Die. I May Not Even Know You, But I Want You To Know, That I Love You, No Matter What You've Done, No Matter Where You Are From. WORLD, PLEASE WAKE UP AND REALIZE, WE ARE ALL ONE.

The End. Just Kidding.. It Will Never End.

Hello Old Friend, It's Good To See Myself Again.

I'd Forgotten How To Live Through My Soul. I've Been Looking At The World Through Attempt of Control, When All The While I Just Needed To Let Go. I'd Forgotten How To Love, How To Cry, How To Smile, How To Sacrifice, and Most Of All That This Is a Gift and I Need To Make The Most Of It, Even At The Bottom of a Pit, There's Still a Little Oxygen. I'm Back To Being Positive, I'm Not Really Certain What I Did, But I Managed My Way Back Up From The Bottom Of That Blinding Cliff. This Is The Part That I Have Always Missed. You're Going To Have To Drag Me Off Of This and I Wouldn't Even Consider It. I'm Back and I Am Permanent and Now It's Time For Me To Live.

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